“What now?”
This is the question that today’s guest Bridget asked herself after she and her family made the difficult decision to remove her 28-year-old son, Preston, from life support following his car accident while on a trip to Florida. Bridget had watched her own mother live through the nightmare of child loss when Bridget’s 13-year-old brother died. She had lived in a broken family and had felt like a forgotten mourner. She was determined to be there for her boys in their grief in a way that her mother had been unable to do.
A few months before Preston died, Bridget’s dad passed away. Bridget’s mom had planned for the family to take a trip into the mountains of northern Arizona to honor his life. After they lost Preston, the plan changed so that they would honor both. Before the trip could happen, however, tragedy struck again and Bridget’s mother died. Bridget and her mom had gathered items to make charms for other family members who would be running in a race initially to honor their father/grandfather, but now were honoring all three. Bridget went on to make 10 of these charms that the family brought to northern Arizona. Bridget never planned to make more than these ten charms, but fate had other plans.
Years after making those first charms, Bridget found herself in a deep hole. She was drinking heavily and doing everything that she vowed that she would not do after losing Preston. She made a decision to change her life and quit drinking. She thought about those 10 charms and about how therapeutic it was for her to make them. She decided to start making more, leaving them in places where others could find them and learn a little about Preston. She hoped that they could bring a little peace to others who were hurting.
Now, Preston’s Charms have traveled the world. She says that she has now made over 1000 charms and been told many stories about how a charm was found by just the right person at the right time. She has even written a book about Preston’s life including stories of others who have been comforted by the charms. To learn more or to order your own, visit prestonscharm.com.