When 13-month-old, Elizabeth was diagnosed with cancer, her parents immediately turned to traditional medicine as most parents do. She had a very aggressive, rare brain tumor that required risky surgery. After the surgery, Elizabeth started chemotherapy. After a brief remission, the tumor returned, and they tried more chemotherapy. After Elizabeth’s second relapse, she was 3 years old, therefore qualifying for radiation which gave Elizabeth her longest remission yet – more than two years, but again the tumor returned.

During this time, traditional medicine began to run out of options and Katie began to wonder, ‘Is there something else out that that I can offer my child?’ She talked to another parent in a similar circumstance who told her about the practice of Seimei. Katie was told about an open session nearby that was occurring that very night. This is how Katie and Elizabeth began their Seimei journey. Seimei can be defined as ‘a Japanese way of healing through awakened energy.’

After that first session, Elizabeth began to move and run better than she ever had. Katie knew that she had to learn more for Elizabeth to start the treatments at home as well. Katie did just that, learning more about Seimei to give her daughter a bit of relief. When all traditional medicine methods had been exhausted and doctors gave Elizabeth only 2 weeks to live, Katie had to rely on Seimei completely. This healing practice gave Katie and Elizabeth nine more incredible months together before Elizabeth died.

Now Katie would be the first to tell you not to abandon traditional medicine, but she would say, and I would agree with her, that there is much about the mind and the soul that we do not understand. There is a power there that is often ignored. This power impacted Katie so much that she did not give up Seimei the day that Elizabeth took her final breath. She now spreads this knowledge and method of healing to others through her own business. You can find Katie at seimeihealing.com and even look for her book in the coming month.