A few weeks ago, I was thinking about topics to discuss on the podcast with Gwen and I realized that we had never done an episode focused purely on faith. Faith in grief is a struggle for many, but for others, it is the only reason they feel they can survive. For me, I actually feel that it has been both. The hope for heaven and life after this world helps me to get through each day, but I also find myself in arguments with God at times, frustrated that this is my life now.

It is probably fitting that this episode is coming out this week and we are recording the Livestream Tuesday night at 8pm Eastern time. I feel like God knew that I would need it. You see, I feel like I have been crying almost all weekend. It started on the Friday, the day of the Grand Rapids Choir of Men and Boys concert and has not really stopped. I feel so tired of this grief. I long for heaven.

I look forward to hearing Gwen’s alway wise words to help bring a little and healing to my own sometimes fragile faith. Please come with both your own questions and also comments about how your faith has survived your personal grief journey. I hope to have many perople participate. Go to my Facebook page or YouTube channed at 8pm Tuesday. In order to make sure you don’t miss it, you can subsribe to my Always Andy’s Mom YouTube channel to receive updates whenever I am doing a live recording.