For the past two years, the Always Andy’s Mom podcast has had a Christmas episode focusing on hopeful stories, little messages we have received from heaven or from our loved ones. (They can be found at and I love it when these little experiences happen to me. They help me to know that Andy is OK even when I am not.
I remember the very first of these instances. It happened on the day of Andy’s funeral. For years, our kids played with this rubber ball outside. It had the character, Diego, covering it. It was slightly smaller than a soccer ball. As the boys go older, they could kick it higher and higher. They had so much fun kicking that ball as hard at they could.
One day, however, the ball got stuck up in a tree. We live in a two story house with a walkout basement so essentially, from the backyard, our bedrooms are on the third story. I could see that ball out of my bathroom window each day. It was permanently wedged there, and after months and then over 2 years went by, I assumed the ball would not come down until the tree died. We had thunderstorms and blizzards through those years and nothing caused that ball to move even an inch.
On the day of the funeral, however, that ball inexplicably fell to the ground in our backyard. No wind, not rain, no reason why it should have fallen, but it just fell to the ground. I like to think it was Andy. I remembered that day when the ball go stuck and how upset he was when Eric and I told him there was no way to get the ball. That day, however, he had the power, or God had the power, to get that ball down for him.
This year, I want to keep telling stories like this for Christmastime. Gwen and I are doing a Livestream on Facebook Live and on my YouTube channel this Tuesday, December 21st at 8pm. If you have an inspiring story to contribute, PLEASE email it to me at
Also know, that Gwen and I will be available to answer any questions you have before Christmas as well. You can also write in or tell your stories on the Livestream as well. I can invite up to 8 people to join the Livestream if you’d rather tell your story in your own words. I have a few stories now, but would love to have even more!