Two years ago when I started this podcast, I really didn’t know what the future held. All I knew was that I had this overwhelming feeling that I was ‘supposed to’ start a podcast. Almost immediately, I started fighting back at the idea thinking it was completely crazy. Technology has never been my strength; family would tell you that. What business do I have starting a podcast?
Suddenly, though, I was in the middle of something brand new. My husband got me set up with equipment, bought a website domain name and even found someone willing to make me a website for free. My daughter quickly put together a logo and there I was, with my very own podcast, opening up my heart and innermost thoughts to anyone who wanted to listen, hoping that my sharing could bring a little bit of comfort to someone else going through tremendous pain.
That day back in 2018, I never thought I would make it to 100 episodes; I honestly didn’t know if there would be more than 10, but here we are today. This week, I will mark two milestones, 100 episodes of the Always Andy’s Mom podcast and 3 years of life without Andy in it. It is fitting that these two occasions are happening the same week. It is perfect actually. It gives me a bit of something for Andy and I to celebrate together when all I really want to do is hold him one more time.
This week for episode 100, we are doing two things. First, I have a new logo, one not put together in 5 minutes, but one with special meaning (although still made by my talented daughter). The picture is one that Andy himself took when we were on our last family vacation to Key West, Florida four months before Andy died. Even the font used is special. You may see that the word ‘Andy’s’ is in a different font than the other words. That font is called ‘happy monkey’ and was Andy’s absolute favorite. It seemed fitting that his name be typed just how he would have wanted it.
The second special part of this week is a livestream event this Wednesday night, August 11th at 7pm Eastern time. This will be a live question and answer session with both my husband, Eric, and me. You can ask us anything – podcast-related, marriage-related, anything. It will be so great to hear directly from listeners. You can join us on Facebook Live or on my Always Andy’s Mom YouTube channel.