Easton’s Mom, Alexandria, says that her young son, Easton saved her life not once, but twice. Theirs is a beautiful love story not unlike many mother-son love stories, but this one taught the mother even more than it did the son. It taught her what true unconditional love was like and helped her realize that she was worthy of both giving and receiving this type of deep love.

Easton lived only 4 1/2 short months and those months were filled with multiple diagnoses, hospital stays and surgeries. These months, however, were also filled with laughter and moments of pure joy. Alexandria grew emotionally during those times as well and eventually found the courage to leave her toxic marriage. The strength that she learned from her little Easton gave her the courage to start a new life.

Now, seven years later, Alexandria is in a happy place, remembering happy memories of Easton more than the hard ones. She is engaged to be married and now feels ready to start a new life with a loving husband who adores her. She says she is ready to have children again and teach them all about their amazing big brother, Easton.