I’ve got to share a story of our spring break trip. Our first stop was seeing my friend,Chrisy, in Clarksville, TN on Good Friday. Her son, Caleb died almost a year to the day after Andy. We had a really nice visit. She had recently gone on their first family vacation without Caleb. She said that God gave her a ‘sign’ of Caleb on the trip when they were crossing a wooden bridge where someone had carved ‘Goose’ into the railing. Caleb’s nickname was Goose.
Anyway, she was telling me that her therapist had told her that she should write down all these little ‘signs’ that God had given them. There have been so many. I was feeling a little bad because it seems that rarely happens to me. I started praying over the next day that we would get a sign to remind us of Andy. As we did hiking around Chatanooga, those first couple of days, I looked at every bit of graffiti carved on wooden bridges or carved in rocks, but saw nothing. It was like I wanted to make it easy for God somehow, to tell him how to answer my prayer.
Then on Monday, we were driving around trying to find something to do. I remembered that Chrisy told me about a Civil War Battlefield Memorial that was nearby so I programmed it into my phone and we started the twenty minute drive. About halfway there, I looked up to see a little church with a marquee out front with their name and an area below it where they could post a Bible verse or announcement of some sort. On most of these signs in the area, the posted phrases were all about Easter, something like, “Christ is Risen!’ On this sign though, this church had written, ‘Be Still and Know that I am God.’ I immediately started crying – Andy’s favorite Bible verse right there in big plastic letters in front of me.
Thank you, God, for answered prayers, and thank you for answering them in unexpected ways! Thank you to the person from that little church on the Tennessee-Georgia border who listen when God prompted them to write that verse on that day for my little broken family!