My regular listeners know that some of my biggest pet peeves as a bereaved parent are the well-meaning platitudes given by others to try to offer comfort. Comments like, ‘she is in a better place’ or ‘everything happens for a reason’ tend to make me irritated instead. One comment that I know that many moms can hear is, ‘you are young – you can have another baby’ as if that is an easy way to erase the pain.

That is so much easier to say than to do, however, and another baby will NOT eliminate the pain caused by losing a previous one. Today’s guest, Joey, has worked with families who have lost their children or had loss during pregnancy. She works with them on their grief journey as they go through the process of becoming pregnant again. Over the years, she has learned so much about the struggles that these women face. She felt called to write a book sharing some of these stories to help others know ¬†they are not alone.

The book is titled, Rebirth: The Journey of Pregnancy after a Loss, and can be purchased here through Amazon. In it, she hopes to help normalize the struggles that women, their spouses, and families face when going through pregnancy again after experiencing unimaginable tragedy. Today, we talk about the book and opening up one’s heart again to a new child when that heart is still broken.